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The New York metropolitan region has long enjoyed one of the most diverse and robust public transit networks in the world. In recent years, however, New York has lost the ambition and ingenuity that once put it at the forefront of transportation infrastructure planning. New York once had grand visions for forward-thinking transit systems. Today, we make piecemeal plans that are too often delayed, scaled back, and ultimately abandoned.

Real Transit launched in 2012 with the mission of advocating for the wide-scale renewal of the metropolitan region’s transportation infrastructure. Where transit-based planning has become an unimaginative process of maintaining the status quo, we champion bold and creative proposals for the future.

Responsible transit investments require that government agencies look beyond the immediate future when considering the scale of proposed improvements and the desired impact on affected populations. To that end, minor improvements to transit networks will have only minor benefits for the growing population of riders in the region. It is important to think big when making large capital contributions to the transportation infrastructure of the largest city in the nation. Where poor planning and aging infrastructure poses sizable challenges, we provide real transit solutions for the metropolitan region’s future.

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